82nd Street Ramps along I-69 South to Close Tonight

Ramps expected to reopen late this year

The 82nd Street ramps that were initially scheduled to close on January 22 have been rescheduled to close tonight, January 29. These ramp closures were delayed by recent winter weather events.

The long-term ramp closures will allow crews to build added travel lanes along I-69 South. The increased capacity along I-69 South as drivers approach the main interchange of I-69 and I-465 will improve traffic flow and safety in the area.

What to Expect

Closing on or after Monday, Jan. 29

  • Ramp from I-69 South to 82nd Street
  • Ramp from 82nd Street to I-69 South

The ramps are expected to close after 9 p.m.

Additionally, there will be a double right lane closure along I-69 South near 82nd Street. There will also be intermittent short term closures of 82nd Street overnight to remove signage on I-69. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained during these closures.

As a reminder, the ramp from I-69 North to 82nd Street is closed and is expected to reopen this summer. The ramp from 82nd Street to I-69 North reopened late last year.

Please note anticipated schedules are subject to change. These ramp closures are weather dependent. If the temperatures are below freezing or if there is precipitation, the closures will be rescheduled.

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